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Guardians International  provides guardianship services for parents living overseas and for their children attending boarding schools in the UK.

GUARDIANS-INTERNATIONAL’s professional and caring service has developed through our personnel’s long associations with schools, together with sound commercial appreciation.

Our principal, Maria de Vere-Hunt herself enjoyed a happy boarding school education and went on to Cambridge University for her Degree. Subsequently, her own children have attended UK boarding schools so she knows precisely how you would feel about leaving your children in the care of others. Now, her young grandchildren have embarked upon their school careers within the private UK education system.

Therefore, this company’s ethos and ideals draw heavily on a close, family commitment to the best educative practice and pastoral care. We have practical experience of dealing with each department within the school, (Housemaster, matron, tutor, Headmaster etc) and know how to promote your child’s best interest to them.